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Domestic Insurance

To order insurance for a domestic trip, you must email UMVIM, SEJ at or call the office at 205-453-9480.

Registration received 2 weeks prior to departure date will incur a late fee of $3 per person, EXCEPT for ERT/Disaster Response Teams.

Team Leaders should check with their Conference UMVIM Coordinator for specific policies, requirements or expectations related to Safe Sanctuary/Child Protection Policies, background checks and insurance prior to registration on the UMVIM, SEJ site.

Click the links below to download and review the insurance coverage available through UMVIM, SEJ provided through Seven Corners, Inc. 


  • $10 Administration Fee Per Person.

   Lite ($10,000)              Premier($25,000)              Plus($50,000)
  $3 a day/Member        $3.50 a day/Member         $4 a day/Member

Please complete this process no later than 2 weeks before departure so you will not incur a $3 per member late fee. 


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