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Below is the most up-to-date information our office has regarding current team openings and various mission opportunites, however we cannot guarantee that all opportunities are still available. Please contact the team leader for the latest information. 

To create your own team for a mission opportunity, please visit our Send a Team page. 

Primetimers: Arizona, Czech Republic, and The Holy Land

Primetimers Mission Opportunities to Arizona, Czech Republic, and The Holy Land.

Various dates, 2020.  Primetimers offers educational and mission service experiences for adults. Exciting 5-10 day events offer opportunities for educational forums, cross-cultural exposure, faith-filled reflection, and greater exposure to the work of The United Methodist Church and the church universal.  This year's opportunities include mission service events to Tucson, Arizona; Prague, Czech Republic; Holy Land: Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem. Find out more at

Added October 14, 2019


Various Dates. Specialized teams are being requested for disaster recovery efforts in Saipan. They require current ERT badge (verified volunteers), passport good for 6 months past deployment date, tetanus and Hep shots, good health, flexibility, and ability to work well with others. Deployments are a minimum of 2 weeks on the ground. For more info, contact Kathy Bryson:

Added May 3, 2019


Various Dates in 2020. Carolina Honduras Health Foundation is looking for volunteers to join one of their 19 teams throughout the 2020 year. The teams will be working with the Clinica Carolina in Limon, Honduras. These teams are all medical teams, and they all need medical professionals, interpreters, and others to join. The approximate cost is $1800. If you are interested in joining a team in 2020, contact the Teams Coordinator, Peggy Hook at

Added September 24, 2019


July 6-16, 2020. AHMEN (Alabama Honduras Medical Education Network) is looking for team members and leaders to join the Rio de Agua Viva team to teach community development skills in rural Honduras. Team members will be teaching local leaders skills they can share with their communities. Subjects include: Life-guarding and Water Safety, Clean Community (Pollution and Addiction), Nonviolent Protest, and US/Honduras Cultural Dialogue. The cost is $1,200 + cost of airline ticket. For more information, contact Michael Franklin at or (334) 467-5777. 

Added September 30, 2019


February 29-March 7, 2020. Woodlake United Methodist Church in the Richmond Virginia area is looking for volunteers to join their team to Panajachel, Guatemala, serving with Porch de Salomon. The team will participate in home building for impoverished indigenous families and activities for children and the elderly. The approximate cost is $1,600. If you are interested in joining this team or want more information, contact team leaders Doug and Viv Lees at

Added October 2, 2019


July 17-26, 2020. AHMEN (Alabama Honduras Medical Education Network) is looking for volunteers to join their Island Team in Roatan, Honduras. The volunteers will serve at local clinics, schools, churches, and workshops with the Rio de Agua Viva team. No specific skill set is required, just a willingness to help! Spend the week volunteering alongside local doctors, nurses, teachers, and community leaders to empower the community towards sustainable living. The approximate cost is $1650. For more information or to register, email Lane Franklin at

Added October 7, 2019


July 25-August 2, 2020. Walnut Creek UMC in Walnut Creek, CA is recruiting medical and non-medical professionals to join their annual UMVIM Guatemala 2020 trip to Mazatenango, Guatemala. The mission is in cooperation with their partner, Living Heritage Foundation. The team will be serving rural communities that lack medical support from the national and local government. The mission conducts four days of medical clinics in different rural communities. Approximate cost is $2000. For more information, please click here or contact the team leader, Kandi Lancaster at

Added October 14, 2019

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