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Below is the most up-to-date information our office has regarding current team openings and various mission opportunites, however we cannot guarantee that all opportunities are still available. Please contact the team leader for the latest information. 

To create your own team for a mission opportunity, please visit our Send a Team page. 

United Methodist Women: Bolivia & Peru

United Methodist Women has sent out an invitation for participants in a short term mission journey to Peru.. 

The Ubuntu Journeys program, now in its 13th year, are unique mission service opportunities for United Methodist Women to interact with the world through mission giving partners.  "Ubuntu" is an African word meaning "I am human because you are human." In the spirit of Ubuntu, United Methodist Women members travel on Ubuntu Journeys to other parts of the world to share in the lives of women in other countries.


December 26th, 2018-January 6th, 2019 Centennial United Methodist Church in Rockford, IL is looking for volunteers to join their team to the small town of Villarrica, Chile. Work will consist of construction, VBS, and working in a clinic. Cost is $2,500 including airfare. For more information, email

Added March 26th, 2018


March 8-March 24, 2019 The Ilula Orphan Program VIM to Illula, Tanzania is looking for volunteers to join their team. Along with addressing a list of needs from the local Managing Director, the team will tour schools, visit foster families, visit the Developing World Market at Iringa, have a meal and an afternoon visit with a Masai tribe, overnight and safari at a local National Park, and more. Estimated cost is $3800. $2500 is needed prior to August for flight reservations, insurance costs, and basic fees. For more information, email John Windell at or click here for a PDF about the trip. 

Added April 26th, 2018


October 7-13, 2018 Alpharetta FUMC is looking for women to join their team to Jamaica. This is a women only trip where team members will serve in a school for the deaf and in an orphanage doing light construction work,holding VBS, helping in classrooms and with babies. No specific skills are necessary. Approximate cost is $1300. For more information, contact Tammy Allison at

Added May 4th, 2018


November 3-14, 2018 Montevallo First UMC is looking for volunteers to join their team to Angol, Chile. The team's focus will be the restoration of a Methodist Camp in the area that has been designated as a Priority Project of the newly elected bishop of the Methodist Church of Chile. The camp will be used as a Retreat Center for all Religious organizations, and as a summer camp for children. For more information, email Pastor Lawton Higgs Jr. at

Added June 13th, 2018


December 4-11 and 11-18, 2018 "Methodist United in Prayer" is looking for volunteers to join one of two teams of 12 to go to Matanzas, Cuba to work on a construction project behind the Matanzas Methodist Church sanctuary. Construction knowledge and Spanish are a plus but not necessary. Men and women of all ages with a heart for missions are welcome. The approximate cost is $1,650. If you are interested, please contact Robert Pinera at or at 954-562-6089. 

Added July 2, 2018


October 27-November 3, 2018. SIFAT is looking for volunteers to join a medical team to Los Roldas Ecuador, which is outside of Quito. The types of volunteers needed are ARNP, PA, MD and RNs. The approximate cost of the trip is $1800. If you are interested in joining the team please contact Phil and Joyce Henderson at

Added July 6, 2018


October 13-20, 2018. Bethany United Methodist Church is looking for volunteers to join their Friends of Barnabas Foundation team to Honduras. This is a medical mission, and the team is seeking RN's, NP's, PA's, and MD's to serve in different remote mountain villages daily. The approximate cost is $1885. If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Gary Lucas at

Added July 6, 2018


September 22-29, 2018. Chatham/Rocky Mount UMCs are taking a medical mission team to Honduras with Friends of Barnabas. This team is in urgent need for medical personnel. They are specifically looking for MDs, NPs, and RNs. The estimated cost for this trip is $1885. If you are interested in serving with this team, please contact Amy Heath at

Added August 1, 2018


October 19-27, 2018. A team with Carolina Honduras Health Foundation is seeking volunteers to join them on a mission to the Clinica Carolina in Limon, Honduras. This is a medical mission team, specifically looking for RN's, EMT's, CNA's, and others. There is also a need for a Spanish interpreter. The approximate cost to join this team is $1900. If you are interested in serving with this team or would like more information, please contact Dedri Bruce at  

Added August 6, 2018

El Salvador

November 8-15, 2018. A team from St. Thomas UMC in Manassas, VA is looking for volunteers to join their team to Ahuachapan, El Salvador serving with Salvadoran Mission Projects. The project the team is working on is the construction of a multi-story building to expand the school to include high school. The construction includes sifting sand, mixing mortar, laying cement blocks, etc but all skill levels are acceptable. The approximate cost is $489 plus airfare. If you are interested in joining this team, contact the team leader, Paula Renfro, at

Added September 4, 2018


July 12-22, 2019. Walnut Creek United Methodist Church in Walnut Creek, CA is looking for medical volunteers to join their mission with Living Heritage Foundation in Mazatenango, Guatemala. They specifically need licensed doctors, pharmacists, PAs, RNs, and EMTs. The return date is flexible by 1 or 2 days, and there is opportunity for rest and relaxation after the mission in Antigua. The approximate cost is $1800. For more information about this mission opportunity, contact Kandi Lancaster at

Added September 17, 2018


November 10-18, 2018. Wilderness Community Church is sending a medical team to Medellin Colombia to offer free medical care to the underserved areas of the city including many homeless individuals. The team plans to have 4 days of clinic split between two communities. The price of the trip, $1300, covers housing, food, and transportation out of Washington, DC, but adjustments can be made for individuals embarking from other locations. For more information about this mission opportunity, contact Becky Van Renan at

Added September 17, 2018

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