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Updated 16 September 2018

At this time we are praying for those who are and may be affected by Hurricane Florence. At this time there has been no invitation for volunteers of any kind.  Information about disaster response volunteer teams will come through your local Annual Conference Disaster Response Coordinator.  If you would like to see a list of Disaster Response Coordinators for each Annual Conference, click here.

North Carolina Conference:

For the latest updates from the North Carolina Conference, click here.

South Carolina Conference:

For the latest updates from the South Carolina Conference, click here.

The South Carolina Conference of the UMC has set up a hotline number for churches and individuals to report damage and inquire about shelters.  From @UMCSC on Twitter: 


Western North Carolina Conference:

Click here to see latest information from the Western North Carolina Conference.


Holston Conference:

To see the latest updates from Holston Conference, click here.


Virginia Conference:

For updates from the Virginia Conference, click here.

If you would like to download a pdf file of the UMC protocol for disaster response and recovery in event of a disaster, click the image above

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