Disaster Response Project List

Thank you for your interest in serving in the area of disaster response. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it is what our office has been made aware of. Please contact your Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, or the Coordinator for the conference in which you are interested in serving, for more information on opportunities that might not be listed here. 

Alabama-West Florida Conference

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the Alabama-West Florida Conference, please visit: www.awfumc.org/inconferencerecoveries

Updated December 2, 2016

Florida Conference

The Florida Annual Conference currently has two recoveries open for volunteers. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Hermine caused damage to hundreds of households on both the east and the west coasts. There are many people who are still struggling to make the repairs to their homes. Volunteer work teams are needed to assist with these home repairs; the work may include new flooring, replacing drywall, minor roof repairs or roof replacements. 

To learn more or to send a team to one of these projects, please contact the local UMC Project Coordinators. For Hurricane Hermine projects, contact Laura Ice at laura.ice@flumc.org. For Hurricane Matthew projects, contact Tom Heineken at theineken@flumc.org. You can also visit the Florida Conference website for additional information. 

For more information on Disaster Response initiatives in the Florida Conference, please visit: www.flumc.org/disasterrecoveryministry.

Updated August 30, 2017


For the lastest Disaster Response initiatives in the Holston Conference, please visit: holston.org/ministries/missions/programs/disaster-response/

For the lastest on the East Tennessee Fires, please visit: holston.org/news/

Updated January 5, 2017

Kentucky Conference

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the Kentucky Conference, please visit: www.kyumc.org/disasterresponse

Updated April 20, 2016

Memphis Conference

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the Memphis Conference, please visit: www.memphis-umc.net/disasterrelief.

Updated April 20, 2016

Mississippi Conference

Mississippi UMCOR and UMVIM have many places to serve in long term recovery from many disasters that have affected the lives of the people in Mississippi. Please see the list below of the different locations throughout the Conference needing volunteers.

Greenwood District: The following counties are need home repairs and rebuilds from the flood in March of 2016. Sunflower County: Contact Veronica Pritchard, Delta Grace, at (662) 466-2167. Bolivar County: Contact Dr. Lee Peltan at (440) 773-6321. Greenville County: Contact Rev. Justin White, Delta Force, at (601) 573-4297. Montomgery County was hit by a tornado April 17, 2017, contact Kent Mortimer, Montgomery Dreams, at (662) 262-7844 .

Hattiesburg District: A tornado hit Hattiesburg and Petal, MS on January 17, 2017, and there are still some cases left from the flooding in the Pine Belt from 2016. Contact Chris Adams, R3SM, (601) 818-5899. 

For more information, you may also contact Kenny McGill, Conference Disaster Response Coordinator at msumcor@mississippi-umc.org or (662) 416-1981, Hollis Crowder, Conference UMVIM Coordinator, at umvim@mississippi-umc.org or (662)609-3358, or Mellie Jordan, Conference Disaster Program Manager, at disasters@mississippi-umc.org  or (662)736-6362. .

For more information on recovery efforts and how to volunteer please visit: www.mississippi-umc.org/messagefrommississippiunitedmethodistdisasterrelief

Updated August 8, 2017

North Alabama Conference

North Alabama has been no stranger to weather this year. Tornadoes have hit the western part of the conference and caused damaged in the communities. Currently, the conference is looking for volunteers for Pickens County. Please click here for more information on recovery efforts and how to volunteer.

Pickens County is in long term recovery after the February 2016 tornado. There are jobs available for large or small groups of volunteers. Please contact Mike Butler, District Disaster Response Coordinator for Central Distract, at 256-412-6945 if you are interested in volunteering.

Updated November 2, 2016

North Carolina Conference

The North Carolina Conference Disaster Recovery Ministry continues to move forward with assisting families rebuild their lives after the massive flooding that took place from Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. The Conference has established Five Volunteer Recovery Centers to receive Volunteer Rebuilding Teams to help in some of the hardest affected areas. Centers have been set-up in Windsor, Tarboro, Fayetteville, Lumberton and Washington, NC. In each area there are hundreds of families that remain out of their homes. Recovery from Hurricane Matthew will take many years and many volunteer teams will be needed. Each volunteer center provides sleeping quarters with twin size bunk beds, showers and kitchen facilities for food preparation. The centers have full time staff that provide site management, case management, construction management and material handlers to assure that volunteer teams have a meaningful mission trip. There is no project cost and volunteer housing is free, however teams are asked to make a financial donation if possible. Each team is responsible for their food and transportation cost. 

To schedule a team, please contact the NC Conference Disaster Call Center at disasterresponse@nccumc.org, or 1-888-440-9167 and visit the Conference website for additional information about Hurricane Matthew Recovery.

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the North Carolina Conference, please visit: https://nccumc.org/outreach/disaster-response/

Updated July 13, 2017

North Georgia Conference

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the North Georgia Conference, please visit: www.ngumc.org/disasterresponseministry

Updated April 20, 2016

South Carolina Conference

The South Carolina United Methodist Disaster Recovery program needs your help now and through all of 2018. Twenty four of the 46 counties in the state were affected by the Flooding rains in October 2015. Additional families were affected by the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Both individuals and teams of volunteers are needed to help repair homes and make them safe, sanitary and secure again. For more information on how you can serve, please contact screcovery@umcsc.org or 803-888-3051.

For more information on recovery efforts and how to volunteer, please visit: www.umcsc.org/home/ministries/disaster-response/flood-recovery/

Special Request: Construction Mission Volunteer Coordinator Needed in South Carolina (SC) Annual Conference: The recovery work from these floods will be ongoing for many more months, or even years, to come. The SC Annual Conference is looking for a volunteer to help with the long-term disaster recovery as a Construction Coordinator. This person would be managing basic home repairs, as well as supervising the many volunteer teams that continue to help rebuild this area. Please note the starting date is ASAP and will last for 2 months up to 12 months.  

Any experienced construction and/or Early Response trained persons, please contact the contact the Mission Volunteers office at mv@umcmission.org.

Updated July 5, 2017

South Georgia Conference

Counties in the South Georgia Conference that were affected by the tornadoes still need some assistance with mucking out, roof tarping, chainsaw, and debris removal. Most counties will soon be implementing case management to start repairing and rebuilding. ERTs and trained teams preferred. For more information, please contact Luis Morales at morhilll@gmail.com.

The coastal areas, Brunswick and Savannah, of the South Georgia Conference have implemented case management for those families that are still in need of assistance. Most of the cases need help with repairing roofs and rebuilding. For more information, please contact Luis Morales, morhilll@gmail.com.

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the South Georgia Conference, please visit: www.sgaumc.org/disasterresponse

Updated March 16, 2017

Tennessee Conference

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the Tennessee Conference, please visit: https://tnumcdisasterresponse.wordpress.com/ ​

Updated April 20, 2016

Virginia Conference

The Virginia Conference has set October 31, 2017, as the target date to complete recovery efforts in Evergreen, a small community of Appomattox County devastated by a tornado on February 24, 2016. To meet this goal, there is an urgent need for teams in August, September, and October. There is no per person fee to serve with them. You will simply need to take care of all of your food and your transportation. There is housing available at local churches (you provide your own air mattress or sleeping bag) and a shower trailer in place for your team.

In addition the Conference efforts in Evergreen, they are hard at work in the Virginia Beach area, which had major flooding in October 2016 in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The Conference expects recovery in Virginia Beach to continue well into 2018. The housing center in Virginia Beach has a kitchen, shower trailer, and bunk beds. Again, there is no per person fee to serve, but teams are encouraged to make donations if possible.   

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a team of any size, please contact Forrest White, Long-term Recovery Manager and UMVIM Coordinator for the Virginia Conference, at VirginiaUMVIM@gmail.com

Updated July 5, 2017

Western North Carolina

For the latest Disaster Response initiatives in the Western North Carolina Conference, please visit: http://mission.wnccumc.org/disaster-response/

Updated April 20, 2016

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