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Conference Coordinators

UMVIM, SEJ Conference Coordinators schedule Team Leader Trainings for their respective Annual Conferences. 

Team Leaders should contact their Conference UMVIM Coordinator regarding requirements or expectations related to Safe Sanctuary/Child Protection Policy, Team Leader Training and insurance.

Alabama-West Florida–Rev. Alan Gantzhorn, umvim@awfumc.org

Florida–Ms. Molly McEntire, mmcentire@flumc.org

Holston–Mr. Bill Campbell, wdc5609@charter.net

Kentucky–Rev. John Kalz, kalzjd@gmail.com; Co-Coordinator–Rev. Tami Coleman, tcoleman@kyumc.org  

Memphis–Rev. Robert Craig, revrobpc@gmail.com

Mississippi–Mr. Hollis Crowder, umvim@mississippi-umc.org

North Alabama–Rev. Dr. Adlene Kufarimai, akufarimai@umcna.org

North Carolina–Mr. Rob Pavone, nccumvim@gmail.com

North Georgia–Ms. Lynette Brown, lynetteb@northsideumc.org

Red Bird Missionary–Rev. Steven Riddle, riddlesteven@aol.com

South Carolina–Mr. Derial Ogburn, dogburn537@aol.com

South Georgia–Mr. Gene Barber, hbarber781@bellsouth.net

Tennessee–Ms. Sarah Matthews, sarah.matthews@tnumc.com

Virginia–Mr. Forrest White, virginiaumvim@gmail.com

Western North Carolina–Rev. Kim Collins, kcollins@wnccumc.net


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